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Counselling Wellington, Counsellor Wellington, Couples Counselling  Wellington


Reach your goals and achieve your full potential with help from Kōwhai Therapeutic Services.

Life coaching is a life-changing experience that can assist individuals in reaching their full potential and living a contented life. At Kōwhai Therapeutic Services, we comprehend the significance of having a supportive and encouraging mentor on your journey of self-discovery and growth. Our life coaches are highly trained and equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to help you clarify your goals, overcome obstacles, and create a roadmap for success.

Many people battle with self-doubt, negative thought patterns, and a lack of direction in their lives. A life coach can assist in identifying these roadblocks and provide you with the support and guidance you need to overcome them. Whether you aim to enhance your relationships, progress in your career, or simply find greater happiness and fulfilment, life coaching can assist you in achieving your goals.

At Kōwhai Therapeutic Services, we believe that everyone has the capability to live a life they love. Our personalised coaching sessions are designed to help you tap into your inner strengths and find the clarity and purpose you need to live your best life. So why wait? Invest in yourself and start your journey towards a brighter future today.

Here are some common reasons why people seek life coaching:

Career development - people may want to improve their work-life balance, explore new career paths, or navigate job changes.

Relationships - people may want to improve their relationships with partners, family members, or friends.

Counselling Wellington, Counsellor Wellington, Couples Counselling  Wellington

Goal setting - life coaches can help individuals set achievable goals and create action plans to achieve them.

Time management - people may want to learn how to effectively manage their time and increase productivity.

Stress management - many people seek life coaching to help them manage stress and find work-life balance.

Life transitions - life coaching can help individuals navigate major changes such as divorce, retirement, or starting a new business

Improving overall well-being - life coaching can help individuals work towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

If achieving our goals was easy we would do it automatically. Samantha and Stephanie can provide support where you need it most.

Types of barriers we can support you to work through


You're well aware that you can make a difference. But you're so preoccupied with day-to-day life that you don't have time to think about it. We can assist you in overcoming feelings that are holding you down. Then, assist you in creating the space necessary to select your goals that will significantly impact your life – and the world.

Counselling Wellington, Counsellor Wellington, Couples Counselling  Wellington


You've come up with a fantastic concept. However, every time you attempt to begin, the options become so overwhelming that you give up. That's where we enter the picture. We can assist you in developing a strategy and providing the support you require to get started. We'll help you define your goal, devise a plan to make it a reality, and get started.

Counselling Wellington, Counsellor Wellington, Couples Counselling  Wellington


You started strong, but now you're at the point of burnout, feeling out of sorts and unable to keep your goal alive. We can assist you in reconnecting with what you're doing and why you're doing it. We will give you the support you need to build long-term momentum and make a more significant impact.

Counselling Wellington, Counsellor Wellington, Couples Counselling  Wellington


How coaching works

Inner self-work.

You must first think that you can attain your vision before you can realise it. With our support, you will build the attitude of a successful, as well as the mental and emotional abilities required to be the leader your project and life require.


Development of vision and strategy.

No matter how great the idea trapped inside your head is, its realisation depends on your ability to take action. We can help you develop your vision, create the strategy that’s going to make it happen and start taking action.


Take action now.

You may get a sinking feeling and thoughts like "what was I thinking?" or "there's too much to do" at some point. we'll assist you in overcoming overload, putting off procrastination, and taking consistent action to build a sustainable momentum that will allow you to live the complete life you choose.

You are in charge of your journey

Counselling Wellington, Counsellor Wellington, Couples Counselling  Wellington

At Kōwhai Therapeutic Services, we believe you should be at the helm of your coaching journey. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized coaching sessions to cater to your specific needs. You have the control to decide the organisation of each session, including the location, timing, and format. To further enhance your experience, we offer individually tailored resources, such as email summaries of each coaching session, to support and facilitate your growth.

What is included in the $2,500 cost?

  • A block of 10 sessions that you direct the time, place, duration and frequency,

  • Personalised coaching sessions to meet your individual needs,

  • Client-directed session organisation; where, when, how,

  • Unlimited email exchange in between sessions

  • Accountability call to check your progress in between sessions

  • Individually tailored resources to support coaching sessions and homework, including email summaries of coaching sessions.

Frequently asked questions

Who do you coach?

We can assist you in making your next major step, wrestling with a difficult decision, or simply seeking assistance as you mature and grow. Our coaches also work with small businesses. As a business owner, you are your company's most precious asset, and the most important investment you can make in your company is yourself. 

What is the difference between counselling and coaching?

Coaching differs from counselling as it provides a space to tackle the questions holding you back from reaching your full potential. Therefore the delivery of coaching also differs from that of counselling. The coaching service includes six blocks of sessions. The client drives the time, meetings, and support the coach provides.

What if I wanted counselling and coaching?

Although counselling and coaching are separate disciplines, we appreciate that, at times, you may need support around achieving congruence between self-image and your ideal self, self-esteem building, working through cognitive dissonance, acknowledging unconscious bias, reversal of negative thought processes. Our coaches are trained and registered counsellors who can offer counselling techniques to support your coaching journey.

At Kōwhai Therapeutic Services we work with clients across New Zealand with our office based in Wellington

Contact Information

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9.00 am - 7.00 pm 
Phone numbers: Stephanie 0274154715 & Sam 0212610540
Address: 32 Somes Crescent, Newlands, Wellington 6037, New Zealand
We are always happy to answer your questions. If you happen to contact us outside of our business hours, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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