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Workplace Training Programmes 

The application of Psychology is essential in the workplace. Psychological theories can help leaders at all levels of organisations select, support, motivate and train employees, build productive workspaces and foster psychologically safe behaviours.


KTS have developed workshops informed by current psychological theories to support organisations and leaders in increasing productivity by establishing a workplace that allows employees to feel fulfilled, balanced, and psychologically safe within their professional setting.

Our Process

Client consultation


Client Consultation

We work with the client to understand their learning needs and required behaviour changes. 

Resource orgaisaton


Resource Customisation




Bespoke or customised workshops can be developed with resources meeting the specific needs of the organisation to enhance understanding and skills required in the client's workplace.

We learn more about the participants of the workshop, to continue to tailor the workshop to meet the individual needs of the participants.

workshop delivery


Workshop Delivery

We work with clients to understand their learning needs and required behaviour changes. 

Skill reinforcement


Skills Reinforcement

Post-workshop participants receive follow up resources that summarise the content of the workshop.

KTS Workshops 2023 - 2024

We have developed eight workshop themes. Within each theme, there are up to three workshops. These workshops can be delivered as independent two-hour sessions or as part of a package. Please contact KTS to enquire about options. 

Sad on Couch


  • Issues Surrounding Workplace Bullying

  • Indicators of Bullying

  • Leading the Way Through Conflict



  • Authentic Leadership and Motivation Strategies

  • Investing in Employee Wellbeing

  • Developing an Agile Leadership Style

Office Corridor Talk


  • Employee Stress and Trauma Toolkit

  • Supporting your Team Through Stressful Situations

Discussing Books


  • Developing Positive Relationships in the Workplace

  • Minimising the Opportunity for Conflict

  • Utilising Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

  • How to Resolve Workplace Conflict

Office Meeting


  • How to Develop a Motivated Team

  • How to Motivate your Team

  • Keeping Yourself Motivated

  • Motivating Teams Who Work Remotely

Businesswoman in Office


  • Supporting your Well-Being in the Workplace

  • Supporting your Team's Well-Being

Support Group


  • Activity Participating in a Culture of Psychological Safety

  • Creating a Psychologically Safe Team

  • Psychological Safety in a Hybrid Workplace

Office Meeting


  • Working as a Resilient Team Member

  • Leadership Resiliency

  • How to Create a Resilient Team

What Makes KTS’s Approach to Workshops different?

KTS facilitators are trained teachers with a combined 30-plus years of experience.

Flexible delivery in person or online​

Responsive sessions. KTS facilitators have the experience and skills to change the content of the workshop during the session to respond to the needs of the participants

Active sessions, rather than a passive mode of delivery

Evidence-based content, not just popular psychology

Simple, practical and empirically based strategies

Fun and interesting session that ensures retention

KTS Webinars 2023 - 2024

Webinars are offered as bite-sized versions of the various sessions offered in the workshops.  These webinars contain helpful content in a shorter timeframe and can be developed to meet your organisation's specific needs.​

Webinar Topics

Motivation Webinar


Well-being Webinar


Leadeship Webinar


Workplace culture Webinar

Workplace Culture

Empathy and relationships Webinar

Empathy and Relationships

Stess managemnt Webinar

Stress Management

Workplace bullying Webinar

Workplace Bullying

psychological safety Webinar

Psychological Safely

Webinar delivery options

  • Live webinars - webinars can be delivered live to allow for questions to be responded to in an open forum

  • Pre-recorded - webinars can be pre-recorded to allow for the sharing of the resource freely around the organisation

Please get in touch with KTS to discuss Webinar and workshop packages

At Kōwhai Therapeutic Services we work with clients across New Zealand with our office based in Wellington

Contact Information

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 9.00 am - 7.00 pm

Phone number: 0273652568


Address: 32 Somes Crescent, Newlands, Wellington 6037, New Zealand

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