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Get the help you deserve to be the best version of you.

Providing counselling (personal and EAP) in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, and online across Aotearoa.

Kōwhai Therapeutic 

Welcome to our private counselling service with offices in Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch. We extend our services across New Zealand through online counselling. At our practice, we specialise in a pluralistic approach to counselling, meticulously selecting the methods that best suit your individual needs. Your well-being is our priority, no matter where you are on your journey.

About Us

We are a team of multicultural counsellors, each bringing a diverse range of experiences to provide a well-rounded and inclusive approach to support.

How To Book

Our distinctive feature lies in our booking system. Every new client is invited to book a free initial consultation (via phone call), ensuring a tailored match with a counsellor who can provide the specific support they need.

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Story Behind the Name

The kōwhai symbolises personal growth and is said to help people to move on from the past with a renewed sense of adventure. We have therefore chosen this flower to represent our value of personal growth. The glow of the Kōwhai flower represents the help and support people can gain from us to reach their full potential through our counselling services.

Our Client Groups

Counselling Wellington, Counsellor Wellington, Couples Counselling  Wellington


Counselling allows us to gain insight and clarity, establish new goals, and develop the confidence to change. We are committed to walking alongside you as you seek repair in troubled areas of your life.

Counselling Wellington, Counsellor Wellington, Couples Counselling  Wellington


Couples counselling can help you re-establish healthy relationships and strong bonds with their partners. Infidelity, sexual concerns, trauma, and infertility are all difficulties that we are equipped to address.


For both children and parents, adolescence can be a challenging and exciting time. Our counselling service can support you and your family through the various ups and downs that come with this stage of life.

Counselling Wellington, Counsellor Wellington, Couples Counselling  Wellington


Pregnancy is a rewarding journey that can come with its own set of challenges. Our counselling service can help you and your family at any stage of their pregnancy journey, including before and after pregnancy, as well as miscarriage and struggles around getting pregnant. We can help you navigate the various emotions that may surface during this time.

Counselling Wellington, Counsellor Wellington, Couples Counselling  Wellington

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